Thank you for visiting my painting gallery. I’m excited to introduce myself – I am Ilze Elizabete. I am a painter. I have been connected to the world of art since the age of four. Art and the world of colors are an integral part of my life. I love what I do and do what I love. The joy in the process, the satisfaction in the result, and the greatest happiness are that my works bring joy and positive emotions to others. The most beautiful moment for me is when the painting comes to life on its own, and with every brushstroke, the canvas becomes more and more vibrant.

I operate in my cherished art world within the association – the creative development studio “Mākslas Pasāža RADI.” Here, you will find not only my created paintings but also workshops for both adults and children, as well as art classes and everything related to art and its expressive means.

I would like to share my little art world with you, so I invite you to visit Elis.artworks and Mākslas Pasāža RADI on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

I am grateful that life has given me the opportunity to enjoy each day with you here in this beautiful and unpredictable world. I confess that painting is my soul’s meditation and therapy. I paint the feelings of my paintings. It is my way to draw in brightness, warmth, and love, and to infuse these feelings with each brushstroke in my works. Bright feelings and warm energy are given to others through my paintings.

A person is like the sun – the more warmth they radiate, the more they shine. These words of Veltas Spāres seem so true to me, and they are important to each of us in our daily lives. Because the warmth of the heart can never be too much… it warms, it heals, and by sharing it, it doesn’t diminish; on the contrary, it expands.

With all my heart, I am excited to give you the opportunity to feel the warmth, brightness, and love through my paintings. For more information about my works and beautiful things related to them, please feel free to contact me personally by writing a letter, to which I will be happy to respond.

May warmth surround you every day – by giving and receiving!