I would like to share some valuable tips on how to best hang paintings on the wall and what to consider before choosing a room and location for an artwork.

• Avoid placing artwork in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light can damage the painting and cause unwanted reflections that disrupt the view. Oil paints are relatively resistant to UV rays, but even they can deteriorate over time.

• Do not place the painting directly above heat sources such as radiators or electric heaters. Temperature fluctuations can cause long-term damage and lead to costly restoration processes.

• Avoid placing artworks in overly humid rooms, such as bathrooms, and in spaces with poor ventilation. Humidity can slowly and imperceptibly damage the painting.

• Do not overcrowd the room with large, dramatic artworks that compete for attention.

• I recommend selecting and positioning paintings so that they complement each other and the overall atmosphere of the room.

• Lastly, the most crucial moment when it comes to hanging a painting is ensuring the correct height.

• I recommend aligning it with eye level when standing. If you follow museum guidelines, the center of the artwork should be 156 cm above the floor.

• Remember that the height can be adjusted based on the intended wall location for the painting or if there is furniture below it. But the key is not to hang it too high. In this post, I have included a diagram for better understanding the balance of eye level between taller and shorter individuals.

Wishing you success, and may your paintings always bring joy! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.